Terms and Conditions


Shipping & Delivery

All codes are sent to your email address instantly. Be sure to check your spam/Junk folder.

Return Policy

Your business is very important to us and we value our customers
However, due to unlocking being a service and not a physical item, your purchase is not covered under the distance selling regulations act and as such once your code has been dispatched we do not offer refunds for any of the following reasons:

  • I've changed my mind.
  • I haven't recieved my code - We allways retain proof of delivery and we will simply resend it.
  • I didn't recieve my code, so I bought it elsewhere - see above.
  • The code did not work - so I bought it elsewhere - see below.
  • My phone is hardlocked (0 left).
  • My phone has been blocked by the networks.
  • I didn't realise my phone was already unlocked.
  • I accidently gave you the wrong IMEI number - see below.

Exceptions to the rules above

I accidently gave you the wrong IMEI number
There is sufficient information on this web site for you to ensure the correct IMEI number is provided but we do appreciate that sometimes mistakes can happen so we may offer a free code under the following condions:

  • The original MEP number provided is the same.
  • No more than 1 digit is incorrect in the IMEI number.

Any consideration given is handled on a case-by-case basis.

The code did not work

Codes are 100% acurrate and we have a 100% success rate but in the highly unlikely event you have recieved an incorrect code we will need the following information before we can investigate.

Please provide a short uninterupted video of the handset showing the following:

  • Type *#06# into the keypad to display the IMEI number on screen.
  • Your phone's Vendor ID (press ALT + Shift + H to get to the Help me! screen).
  • Type "MEPD" showing all of the network locks
  • Type "MEP2" showing how many tries remaining

If it is then found the code was indeed incorrect we will happily issue you with either a second code or refund.


Unlocking by code is not a type of phone hacking, your handsets software is programmed to accept a unlock code, there is no risk what so ever and is no different to entering a password, any problems you face after entering the unlock code are completely unrelated.

Network Operations and some features are network dependent. We cannot guarantee that after unlocking your handset it will work on any specific network, as certain phones will only work on certain networks because of different GSM frequencies (for example a Blackberry 8520 will not work on a 3G only network).

If you are purchasing an unlock code to use the handset with a specific network it is your responsibility to check the compatibility of the handset with the network you intend to use.