Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we are asked but 99.9% of all problems faced are either network or handset related so if you don't find the answer to your problem below, you should contact the network provider you are attempting to use.

Is unlocking safe?

Yes, most phones are programmed to be unlocked by code, it's just like entering a password, it doesn't change or harm anything on your phone what so ever.

What's the best way to check if my phone is actually locked?

For newer models with OS6 and above simply insert a non supported SIM card and restart the phone, if it's locked it will ask you if you want to unlock it.

For older models with OS5 and below visit our instructions page and follow the instructions to the personalization screen, there will be 5 locks displayed, if all 5 are disabled/inactive the phone is unlocked, if one or more is active the phone is locked.

I bought my phone second hand, how can I check that it's not hardlocked?

For newer models with OS6 and above simply insert a non supported SIM card and restart the phone, if you are prompted to unlock the phone, select yes, you will then be prompted to enter the network MEP code, it will also show how many attempts left in brackets, if (0 left) the phone is hard locked.

For older models with OS5 and below visit our instructions page and follow the instructions till your prompted to enter a code, you will see how many attempts are left, (0 left) means the phone is hardlocked.

Are your codes guaranteed to work?

Yes as long as the IMEI and MEP/PRD number you have sent are correct and the phone is not hardlocked or already unlocked your phone will accept the code.

My phone shows (0 left) can you still unlock it?

Unfortunately not at this time.

I have 2 identical phones can I use the code to unlock both phones?

No, codes are generated using the phones IMEI #, you will need seperate codes for each one.

You stated that once unlocked I can use any network worldwide, will I be able to use my 3 SIM card with my 8520?

No, network availability is subject to having a compatible phone, the 8520 only supports 2G and 3 works on 3G technology.
If you are unlocking your phone to use on a specific network, please check that your handset is compatible first.

My phone is asking for a PIN number, is this the unlock code?

No, the PIN is enabled on your SIM card, for information concerning the PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2 codes for a SIM card please read the manual that came with your phone or contact your network provider.


When I enter the code it says "Code Error Please wait".

The most common reason we get is the IMEI number submitted was incorrect or the phone is hard locked.

  1. First check the handset is not hardlocked, see faq's above.
  2. If it's not hardlocked check the IMEI number, always type *#06# into the keypad to reveal the correct number and also the MEP number See Here
  3. If everything is ok, did you enter the code correctly? Please check.
  4. Finally, are you entering the correct code, please see here for more info.

eBay Customers
If your code was produced using the phones PRD number and all the above are OK, please send us the phones MEP number See Here

Codes are 100% acurrate but if you are certain everything is correct, in the highly unlikely event you have recieved an incorrect code we will need the following information before we can investigate further.

Please provide a short uninterupted video of the handset showing the following:

  • Type *#06# into the keypad to display the IMEI number on screen.
  • Your handset's Vendor ID (press ALT + Shift + H to get to the Help me! screen).
  • Type "MEPD" showing all of the network locks.
  • Type "MEP2" showing how many tries remaining.

If it is then found the code was indeed incorrect we will happily issue you with either a second code or refund.

After entering the code, I can't get a signal!

This is a network reception issue, try the handset in a different area to see if it improves, if it doesn't change, contact your network provider.

When I type MEP2 nothing happens!

Make sure you are holding the ALT key when typing the number 2 and not the shift key, also try typing it out in text message incase there is a problem with sticky/faulty keys, if all above is ok, check the handset is not already unlocked - see faq's above.

I entered the code and it was accepted but I can't make or recieve phone calls/text messages

First check you turned the network connections back on.

Another common reason we find is the handset has been blacklisted by one or more of the networks (usually only applies to UK). If you are certain it is not blacklisted it could be the phones network settings, please contact your network provider for assistance.

I entered the code and it was accepted, I can make and recieve phone calls/text messages but can't use BBM or the internet!

You need a data plan with the service provider you are attempting to use, if you do then it's most likely the network settings, contact your provider.

I entered the code successfully but now it's saying SIM Not Provisioned2!

The SIM is not provisioned for use with Blackberry services, please contact your network provider.

The code was accepted but after re-starting, all I get is a blinking red light!

This not related to unlocking, your handset's software has crashed, please see the link to the right for re-installing your handset's firmware.