What is a MEP number?


Please Note: "MEP Code" and "MEP Number" are not the same thing. Never attempt to enter the MEP number into your phone to unlock it, it will not work and you will just use up your unlock attempts.

A MEP number is the number assigned to your handset/network (MEP-xxxxx-xxx) where x is a series of 8 digits.

MEP stands for Mobile Equipment Personalization and at the time of writing there are approximately 250 MEP numbers in circulation worldwide and each BlackBerry handset is assigned 1 MEP number which will vary depending on the model and network.

MEP/Unlock codes are generatated using the phones MEP number and IMEI number and each Blackberry handset has 5 locks as follows:

  • SIM
  • Network
  • Network Subset
  • Service Provider
  • Corporate

Most handsets are locked on the Network lock, a few networks use the Service provider lock such as Tesco and Virgin on their latest models, some handset can also be locked on both, you can find out which lock your handset is locked to in the personalization screen it will be displayed as active (see unlock instructions to find personalization screen) or when prompted to enter the code.

  • Enter SIM MEP Code (also known as MEP1 code)
  • Enter Network MEP Code (also known as MEP2 code)
  • Enter Network Subset MEP Code (also known as MEP3 code)
  • Enter Service Provider MEP Code (also known as MEP4 code)
  • Enter Corporate MEP Code (also known as MEP5 code)

After placing your order you will recieve 5 codes one for each lock, you simply enter the corresponding code.